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Alteka Sekai

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Great artist with a lovely personality. Claire answered all of my bombarding questions. Beware she has a thing for mechas!

<p>Artist&nbsp; "Alteka" had done some excellent mecha
artwork and so we had to ask her for an interview!</p>
<p>Synopsis -�Alteka allowed some time from her chocolate job to answer a few
of our questions. She has a great eye for art and games in general and we wanted
to know more about her style.</p>
<p>Question - What inspired your artwork the most?</p>
<p>Alteka -Well... I'd have to say Mr Shinkawa, Konami's prime artist. I always loved the company for the Gradius series, but when I saw the art for Metal Gear REX (and the game in action) I was floored by the idea that robots didn't need to be clunky, impracticle and aethetically-displeasing. REX was a freaky giant robot who stomped around and roared like a T-rex... toting a nuclear railgun at that.. I thought it was the best thing since sliced bread.</p>
<p>So of course I quickly got sucked into the whole mecha sub-culture thing... and never came out. Shinkawa's stuff is still my favorite, but I really love the styles used in Tekkaman Blade, Zoids, Armored Core, Beast Wars Transmetals, and Medabots. Gundam and Eva never really settled with me all that well.</p>
<p>Question - What courses have you taken to enhance your skills?</p>
<p>Alteka - None at all.</p>
<p>Question - Why is your preferred medium ink?</p>
<p>Alteka - Hm.. actually, I'd say that that my favorite medium at the moment is Sculpy. I think I'm heading away from the 2D stuff and moving more towards sculpture.</p>
<p>Question - What is it about mechanics that inspires you so much? Do you do any research to create realistic effects? Would you ever get bogged down in a physics book if it came to it?</p>
<p>Alteka- Well, I grew up with my father, and he always had a love for planes (scale radio control ones, specifically). I was always playing with spare engine bits, tubes, and other assorted goodies, so I guess I just grew naturally into robot toys and mechanical things. Barbie and My Little Pony were not welcome in my room since they couldn't transform or fly in space.</p>
<p>I don't usually do too much research, but I've sure been making an attempt to get away from that sterotypical anime mega-shiny look. You'd think that with all the coats of polish combined with laser flying everywhere, more robots would end up in sticky gooey heaps... And as for physics... well... imagine that squishy mess of mechas, and that's my brain trying to figure it out.</p>
<p>Question - The Fimo gamecube looks awesome, how long did it take to make? Have you considered making other consoles like it? If so which ones would you choose not to make...?</p>
<p>Alteka- Oh.. about 2 hours. I had way too much purple fimo, so a Gamecube seemed appropriate. I'm sure if anyone had an extreme abundance of anything purple, they'd make a cube.. no questions asked. I want to make a whole set of consoles in the same 'fluffy cute' style eventually, specifically the Famicom and SNES. I can't really think of any I'd avoid... well, maybe the Xbox. I'm sure I could make it cute...somehow. I think. Maybe.</p>
<p>Question - Einhander is a masterpiece, what mark did it get for your final AP art project? Apart from the misspelled Mushroom on the Mushroom building how would you tackle this piece of work again?</p>
<p>Alteka -Well, I wouldn't work 48 hours straight again, that's for sure! Sleep loss and too much coca cola does weird stuff to the brain... Anyways, my final AP mark was a bit shabby since they "regarded the comic-style artwork unproffessional", and suggested I pursue something else. The people who got A's had to label their painting to display which was was up, since nobody could figure 'em out. I think that says everything.</p>
<p>In the end I had to laugh though, because the Einhander pic got me a $1000 scholarship while they all walked away penny-less. Go comic art!</p>
<p>If I redid the painting, it would definately look more akin to the style of the police mecha. The whole image was my first shot at Acrylic paint, starting with the background and ending with the police guy. That's why some patches of the buildings are really bare, while some have wacky colourful stuff going on...I was just playing around with different styles!</p>
<p>Question - What kind of model kits have you attacked?!</p>
<p>Alteka - Oh, everything! Jets, tanks, robots, people, name it. Kotobukiya and Hasagawa are probably my
<p>Question - What model would you love to build up? I've had my eye set on getting a Predator model from
<a href=""></a> . Even a borg sphere would be cool to make!</p>
<p>Alteka - That rare Jehuty resin kit that costs even more than a few appendages...
A borg sphere or a Predator would be nifty, though! I'd like to see the borg assimilate the predators' dreadlocks...<br>
<p>Question -Will you consider taking on art as your main career?</p>
<p>Alteka - I'd love to if I could make a living out of it!</p>
<p>Question - You mention you would love to work for a graphic/web design
company, have you applied anywhere? Which sites would you like to work for?</p>
<p>Alteka - Hmm... my goals have changed a bit since I wrote that. A few spots
on my website are getting a bit dusty I think!<br>
Question - What media/books do you use as refference? Author Christopher Hart
has some fantastic books on manga!</p>
<p>Alteka - I've never gotten hooked on any of those 'how to draw' books... I've
always prefered developing from tangible things. I avoid them because the
artists laying out the guidlines and bending the rules in those will have
developed their own flaws, so to me it's akin to copying VHS tapes. Once you hit
the 4th generation you can't possibly figure out what the original tape looked
like. It just seems to make more sense to actually learn the rules of anatomy,
then observe how other people bend the rules.<br>
Books that I have used for reference are actual anatonomy and mechanical books.
My favorite one has full cut-away sections of fighter craft along with photos of
the guts of the engines and avionic control mechanisms. <br>
..As for other media, I'd say much of the Zone of the Enders, Armored Core,
Tekkaman Blade and Zoids art. Much of it borrows from fighter craft as well.</p>
<p>Question - As a major fan of mechas, what anime do you tend to watch?
Patalbor, Ghost in the shell or Neo Genesis?</p>
<p>Alteka - I usually favour anime with lots of action, so surprisingly I'm not
always watching mecha stuff (..just most of the time..hehe). My favourite series
include Naruto, Hellsing, Vandread, Zoids Zero and ZOE Dolores.</p>
<p>Question -What about the Final Fantasy/Zelda games, do you like them? Which
ones did you spend most of your life on?</p>
<p>Alteka - I've always loved the Zelda stuff, aside from The Adventure of Link.
Pure evil eminates from its semi-conductors.<br>
..As for Final Fantasy, VI, VII and IX are the only three I've really liked. My
attention span doesn't stretch far enough to accomodate any of the other ones,
and the characters weren't terribly memorable. Chocobo breeding and raising was
always my favourite part of the entire series... I wish they'd do more with
...well..some people might want to shoot me for saying that. haha.</p>
<p>Question -So, you appreciate the 80's cult going on with our site, huh, which
are your favorite cartoons, and which ones should the networks bring back?</p>
<p>Alteka - BUCKY O HARE by a long shot! It's a shame the series got canned
after 13 eps.... you can tell that something weird went on with the sudden
cancellation, because series two and three of the toys were modelled, and ready
for production.<br>
Other series I'd love to see again are the original Transformers, Captain N, the
Mario Super Show, GhostBusters and GI-Joe to name a few.</p>
<p>Question - Are you a comic fan? Some of the new G.I.Joe/Transformer comics,
depict a partially transformed tank/transformer.</p>
<p>Alteka - I am when I have money! Ultimate spider-man and transformers and my
favorite two, but I also randomly pick up comics that have nice art.</p>
<p>Question - Sci-fi space ships have always interested me, I really like the
look of "Enterprise E, Borg Sphere", what other space-ships/machines do you
think have style? <a href="">
<p>Alteka -Ohhh...too many. On the robot side of stuff, Anubis from Zone of the
Enders would be my favorite, since he's so damn creepy. D-boy's Tekkaman mecha,
Liger Zero and Berserk Fury from Zoids, Jetstorm from beast machines come at
close second, though.<br>
For spacecraft/jets, definately the Gradius Vic Viper and Thunderforce V
Gauntlet. The Einhander Endymions and Astrea are very nifty too.</p>
<p>(Oh gosh, I could list jets and mecha all day... )</p>
<p>Question - This is just cool</p>
<p><a href="">
<p>Alteka - Definately! Can't go wrong with the protoss....I always played as
them in starcraft. Hopefully amid his showing-off he won't zap that floppy
ponytail thing by mistake!</p>
<p>Question - What are you all time classic movies?</p>
<p>Alteka - Anything Gozilla, Stargate, K-Pax, Yojimbo, Spider-man, and the
Transformers movie. I can't get enough of that silly cartoony chomping sound
Unicron makes when he eats stuff.</p>
<p>Question - Which films are you wanting to see? What should the industry start
making...right now!</p>
<p>Alteka - There should be like 5 studios dedicated to making more Godzilla
stuff! I can't get enough of my favorite innocent-bystander crushing guy =).<br>