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Clark Bartram

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The Batman from the short films "World's Finest" and "Dead End" Synopsis - Clark Bartram was cool enough to take time out of his busy schedule to answer our crazy questions! We learn more about his current work and his experience as Batman from the short movies "Dead End" and "Worlds Finest"

Question - What inspired you to take on the role as Batman?

Clark - I didn't plan on it. I got a call from a friend and went up to see Sandy. The rest is history!

Question - The costume looks straight out of an Alex Ross painting, is there a connection with the artist?

Clark - Yes and No. Yes, because Sandy likes his style so he attempted to give the same "real life" look. No, Alex had nothing to do with it other than inspiration.

Question - How long did the short films take to make?

Clark - 4 long cold, wet nights

Question - Where was Dead End filmed?

Clark - In Burbank, in a dead end alley.

Question - Sources indicate that Collora looked at your website , liked what he saw and envisioned you as his Batman?

Clark - He printed a few photos, drew on the cowl, and Batman came to life in his eyes. He admitted however, it took him a while to find a photo without a smile!

Question - What was it like to play along side Andrew Koenig?

Clark - He is an amazing actor. I found myself caught up in his performance and forgot I was doing a movie. I actually beleieved what he was saying and felt sorry for him a bit. That is actually how I think Batamn feels as well. Really wants to put him away, but deep inside he feels somewhat responsible for his situation. Did he portray the Joker well? No doubt!

Question - How cool was it to take on the Aliens and the Predators?

Clark - You kidding me! It was surreal, how often does that happen in ones lifetime?

Question - Your costume was put together by Mike MacFarlane, the make-up was done by Patrick Magee. How long did it take to get you into costume?

Clark - A few hours depending if it was the acid dmagaed cowl or the regular one. Once I was in, there was no coming out. It was all glued to my face.

Question - The extended ending would have most likely featured Superman, do you think that would have been a good idea?

Clark - That seems to be the general thought with fans...a blue streak, aliens flying everywhere ect...then Bats and Supes giving each other the look.

Question - Who would your desired villain be, if you made an official Batman film?

Clark - Bane!

Question - Any advice for young actors and filmmakers?

Clark - Don't give up, keep trying, have fun, learn, keep trying, have fun, keep trying...

Question - Do you think you make a good Batman?

Clark - I guess.

Question - How hard was it to keep those white contact lenses in?

Clark - The first time we shot it was painless. When we did World's Finest, it was like someone poured acid in my eyes. The scene where I said, "you let people get to close" My eyes we watering so bad and the pain was unberable, I almost fell over!!! I don't complain either. It was bad.

Question - Did you ever trip up on your cape, is it more of a burden then Batman lets on?

Clark - You can see in the "making of" dvd where I fell when I was going after The Joker just befor the Alien snatched him up. I slipped and fell. It got in the wayconstantly. If I were Batman for real I would re think the cape, especially after seeing The Incredibles!

Question - Could Batman take on several Predators?

Clark - For a while, then he would bail. He's no dummy. All the gadgets in the worls can only help for so long.

Question - What other weapons did you use and what was your favourite?

Clark - Just what you saw in the film. Bats has some cool stuff. I'm very interested to see what he has in Batman Begins!

Question - Have you been trained in any martial arts or fighting techniques?

Clark - No, just while we were training for the film.

Question - How did you earn the reputation as "America's most trusted fitness professional"?

Clark - I made it up! I am very trustworthy in a filed of many who could care less. So that is how the tyitle came to be.

Question - Is it hard helping people fall into a calculated diet and regime, does it ever frustrate you?

Clark - Oh ya...especially when I put so much effort forth to help them.

Question - When did you fall into professional fitness modelling?

Clark - I actually forced my way into it about 10 years ago.

Question - What inspired you to become a bodybuilder? When did you start?

Clark - 1988, a friend forced me into doing my first show.

Question - When your photos first appeared on the covers of Muscle & Fitness and Natural Bodybuilding, were you a little overwhelmed?

Clark - Yes, it was very cool, and still is very cool to see your mug on the cover of a magazine with so much circulation.

Question - You inspire millions as the co-host of Kiana's Flex Appeal on ESPN, do you find this a great responsibility?

Clark - Absolutely. It was even greater when I got my own show.

Question - You contribute to national fitness magazines like Ironman and Muscle Media, what advice do you offer, training or nutritional information?

Clark - Be consistent, train hard, get good information, don't do fad diets...the basics.

Question - Do you have plans to write another book? How successful was "Spiritually Fit"?

Clark - Very successful. It is in it's second printing!

Question - What supplements do you take? Which ones do you recommend?

Clark - Not many...I suggest my personal formulation of my liquid multivitamin.

Question - How many meals do you consume daily?

Clark - What kind of foods do you eat? 5-6...basics, chicken, fish, oatmeal

Question - You must have a weakness, what is your cheat meal?

Clark - Cheesecake, pizza

Question - Which body part do you think is your worst? Which one is your best?

Clark - All good, could be a little taller, maybe 5'11"