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Question - When did you fall into professional fitness modeling?

Fawnia - It was in 1994 when I did my first shoot for promo as an exotic dancer. Later in 2001 I entered a model search contest for Malibu Body Wear and placed first earning me a shoot for a Muscle Mag International. Also that year I shot for Playboy's Special Editions.

Question - What inspired you to become a bodybuilder? When did you start?

Fawnia - I had always appreciate the work that went into training and the physical results training and dieting bring. When I lost weight from dancing, I knew that weight training would be a key component to me keeping the weight off. In 1995 I joined a gym and did my first bodybuilding contest in 1999. In 2003 I competed in figure.

Question - What did you want to be when you were a child?

Fawnia - I wanted to be in the public eye in some way as an entertainer. I didn't think I had the best singing voice, so dancing or acting was another choice that really interested me. I also had an interest in art (drawing) and counseling abused children, or people dealing with drug and alcohol issues.

Question - Have you been trained in any martial arts or fighting techniques?

Fawnia - I was trained in Mhay Thai kick boxing in the year 1999 but didn't take it too far, however in high school I took freestyle wresting in 1993/94 and competed at the Provincial level coming 4th in British Columbia. I 1999 I shot a wrestling video where I took on the challenge of pinning and Samantha Slides. Also available on VHS only.

Question - Is it hard helping people fall into a calculated diet and regime, does it ever frustrate you?

Fawnia - I created several areas on for that exact reason. Not everyone is suited for one specifiul eating plan, but I have outlined a diet which have produced excellent results for people that want to lose body fat and tone. It's frusterating when people ask for advice and don't do anything with it. They simply go about their days eating just as they did before, having taken an hour or two of my time. Since starting to charge for my advice I have seen that people are more likely to change their habits, since they paid.

Question - When your photos first appeard on the covers of magazines, were you a little overwhelmed?

Fawnia - Having my image on a fitness magazine cover is something I set out to achieve in 1997. In 2002 I landed a cover with Drive Health & Fitness, and it was in March 2003 that I was on the cover of Muscle Mag International. I was very proud to have accomplished was truly a dream come true and I feel blessed to have been able to achieve one of my many dreams.

Question - You inspire millions to live a healthier lifestyle, do you find this a great responsibility?

Fawnia - I am doing what I enjoy and feel blessed to have people look to me for support and inspiaration. We are all an inspiration to others in one way or another but may not know it. What supplements do you take? Which ones do you recommend? I take L-Glutamine when I am preparing for a show, and year round take, protien powder by PVL. I love their Vanilla Ice-Cream Royal in my oatmeal. For energy I use Clenbutical by Nutribolics - and T2 by Terminate the Fat.

Question - How many meals do you consume daily? What kind of foods do you eat?

Fawnia - I eat about 3 hours appart making about 5 meals a day. Off season I drink about 2 litlers of water/ day and before a show I increase that to 5 - 6 liters/day. For carbs I eat oatmeal, brown rice and sweet potatoes since they burn slowly (low glyemic - important to know about this) For proteins I eat chicken, turkey, eggs (mainly whites) tuna, salmon, halibat, sord fish, snapper, cottage cheese and enjoy the odd steak or beef burger. For fats I eat Udo's or Flax oil, organic peanut butter, almond butter, egg yokes, and avocadoes. I also eat plenty of fibours carbs such as spinich, green beans, broccoli, asaparagus, peppers and salad lettuce.

Question - You must have a weakness, what is your cheat meal?

Fawnia - I love ice-cream, cookies, feta cheese, and for a meal enjoy pizza dipped in ranch dressing.

Question - Which bodypart do you think is your worst? Which one is your best?

Fawnia - I would like to work on building my hamstrings. My shoulders and calves I think are my best. People comment on my glutes often but I appreaciate them most when I am contest ready.

Question - Do you cosume spicy food? Apparently this is great for boosting your metabolism?

Fawnia - I am not a very spicey girl but can tolerate 'medium salsa.' I'd like to learn to eat more spice as I have heard the same benifit.

Question - How does alcohol effect muscle gain?

Fawnia - I think the most common question that I get is, "will drinking too much hurt my results", and I usually want to yell at the person who asks this question, because they already know the answer. OF COURSE! Honestly, anything in excess, is not good. If you drink moderately, no more than 2-3 drinks per week, you should be OK, but if you are a heavy drinker, you will never improve your physique. Understand that alcohol is poisonous to the body -- its a toxin. Prolonged usage at high doses will: reduce your strength - you won't be able to lift enough weight to stimulate muscle growth reduce your endurance decrease your recovery capabilities - it will take you longer to recuperate and you will be much more sore after workouts decrease your aerobic capacity reduce your ability to metabolize fat - you will become a fat "storer" instead of a fat "burner" interfere with muscle growth acts as a diuretic, which can rebound and lead to elevated water retention Remember, alcohol is a totally nutritionless carbohydrate. (Even though it's a carb, it has 7 calories per gram instead of the normal 4). Like most carbs, it causes the release of insulin, which will cause the storage of your alcohol calories as fat. The constant insulin release will also make it very difficult to lose fat since your body has ample glycogen from the alcohol.

Question - What are your dreams and goals?

Fawnia - I would like to turn pro in figure in the next few years but understand that it will mean adding size to my legs. My calves are 14" but have been advised to increase my quads and hamstrings. This means more eating, training and sleeping on a consistant basis. I would like like to return to my relationship with my partner of seven years. We had an amazing connection but it fell appart. I am currently working on myself as a person with hopes that we can connect again at least as friends. Honestly though I would like to marry him; I feel that he and I are right for each other; soul mates.

Question - Are you comfortable with being a "sex symbol"?

Fawnia - Not every may view me that way but I am certainly comfortable with the "sex symbol" images. It's truly a compliment!

Question - Can you do any gymnastic / fitness type moves?

I have never taken gymnastics, nor have I tried any gymnastic type moves. I think one of the only moves I would be fine at doing is a one handed push up, and of course dancing.

Question - What was the biggest challenge you have overcome?

Fawnia - My biggest challege is still being worked on. When I have overcome it I will let you know.

Question - What advice will you give for someone wanting to take up bodybuilding?

Fawnia - I would congratulate them for choosing a career that places its focus on health. I know that preparing for a contest is very draining but for the most part fitness and nutrition is the primary focus of being in the industry. Next I would let them know that working in the industry is not always a huge money maker. Unless you are one of the top on your class (if you compete in the pro ranks) you may not make any money at all, except for working trade shows such as the Olympia, Arnold and the GNC Show of Strength. If being in the industry makes you happy then you are in the right place. Think about what you are doing each day; you, the person reading this now. Are you happy with your career choice? What about your hobby? Do you have any hobbies? Being in the industry for 90% of us is a hobby and we are here because we are enjoying ourselves. Happiness is key.