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Kai Powers

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Question - When did you fall into professional fitness modelling?

Kai - I started "hamming it up" as a child, of course, but have been professionally modeling for almost three years.

Question - What inspired you to become a bodybuilder? When did you start?

Kai - I have always been active and couldn't afford sports growing up. Dance has been my main source of exercize as well as Yoga.

Question - What did you want to be when you were a child?

Kai - A Performer, or surfer girl...for sure!

Question - Have you been trained in any martial arts or fighting techniques?

Kai - I dabbled a little in Kemp Karate around the age of 7 and never pursued it until my early twenties.

Question - Is it hard helping people fall into a calculated diet and regime, does it ever frustrate you?

Kai - It's hard for me to saty on target, much less getting someone else too. Motivation has to lie within yourrself, but we can all inspire others.

Question - When your photos first appeard on the covers of magazines, were you a little overwhelmed?

Kai - No, I thought..."Who's that goof ball zoolander?" LOL!

Question - You inspire millions to live a healthier lifestyle, do you find this a great responsibility?

Kai - I think so, afterall, life is too short!

Question - What supplements do you take? Which ones do you recommend?

Kai - I am pretty simple. I like my vitamins, and eating healthy. I keep lean by eating so, I don't use fat burners for energy anymore.

Question - How many meals do you consume daily? What kind of foods do you eat?

Kai - usually 5 small meals. Lean, healthy items, or snack on something nutritious. I cheat every now and again with Pizza though!

Question - You must have a weakness, what is your cheat meal?

Kai - Pizza & candy....yummm....jelly beans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Question - Which bodypart do you think is your worst? Which one is your best?

Kai - worst---I would say arms, best,....booty!

Question - Do you cosume spicy food? Apparently this is great for boosting your metabolism?

Kai - Not too much, I am more into sweet tasting things!

Question - How does alcohol effect muscle gain?

Kai - I don't drink that often and when I do, it's martinis all the way!!!

Question - What are your dreams and goals?

Kai - To be wealthy, healthy and happy!

Question - Are you comfortable with being a "sex symbol"?

Kai - Love it! Hard title to live up to, but love trying! :)

Question - Can you do any gymnastic / fitness type moves?

Kai - depends?

Question - What was the biggest challenge you have overcome?

Kai - Learning to be dependent on YOURSELF for things that you would normally need from others.

Question - What advice will you give for someone wanting to take up bodybuilding?

Kai - Stay focused and set smaller goals, for sure!