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Rosa Maria Romero

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Question - When did you fall into professional fitness modelling?

Rosa-Maria - 2 years ago

Question - What inspired you to become a bodybuilder? When did you start?

Rosa-Maria - I have always been fit and healthy. I started training at the gym when I was 15 how ever, it wasn't until 2003 that I began training seriously with heavy weights.

Question - What did you want to be when you were a child?

Rosa-Maria - I knew I wanted to be on stage! I have always had a passion for performing/entertaining.

Question - Have you been trained in any martial arts or fighting techniques?

Rosa-Maria - Yes, Karate.

Question - Is it hard helping people fall into a calculated diet and regime, does it ever frustrate you?

Rosa-Maria - No it's not hard. It can be challenging though! Every one is different and what works for one may not work for another. Sticking to a diet is not easy for some so I try to make my clients understand the reasons behind my directions.

Question - When your photos first appeared on the covers of magazines, were you a little overwhelmed?

Rosa-Maria - It's all very exciting when you see yourself on a cover. All the hard work and training you have done is now apparent and you can�t help but feel proud of yourself.

Question - You inspire millions to live a healthier lifestyle, do you find this a great responsibility?

Rosa-Maria - I just do what I love and that is train hard and eat well. I love it when people say I have inspired them. It makes me happy.

Question - What supplements do you take? Which ones do you recommend?

Rosa-Maria - Whey Protein, Glutamine, Extreme Cuts, Nano Creatine, HPC Creatine, Extreme Energy. I recommend Advanced Sports Nutrition (ASN). Since I started training seriously with weights for competition, I have only ever used ASN and I swear by their products. These are the products my clients use and they can be purchased from me at heavily discounted prices exclusive to my website Visit for a full description of each item. There are a lot of products out on the market but you need to be careful you are not wasting your money. There is no point in taking supplements that don't work.

Question - How many meals do you consume daily? What kind of foods do you eat?

Rosa-Maria - I consume 5-6 meals a day. Mainly protein, small amount of carbs, fruit and veges.

Question - You must have a weakness, what is your cheat meal?

Rosa-Maria - PIZZA and Pepsi !!!!!!

Question - Which body part do you think is your worst? Which one is your best?

Rosa-Maria - I'd have to say my abs are my best feature but no one has the perfect body. I'm constantly working out and improving all areas of my physique.

Question - Do you cosume spicy food? Apparently this is great for boosting your metabolism?

Rosa-Maria - Yes, you are right and I love Indian food.

Question - How does alcohol effect muscle gain?

Rosa-Maria - Alcohol is no good if you are trying to put on muscle. It dehydrates your body and it's also 'empty calories'.

Question - What are your dreams and goals?

Rosa-Maria - I will continue to compete and inspire others to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Question - Are you comfortable with being a "sex symbol"?

Rosa-Maria - I don't think everyone would see me as sex symbol but I am comfortable with it if so.

Question - Can you do any gymnastic / fitness type moves?

Rosa-Maria - Yes I used to compete in Fitness

Question - What was the biggest challenge you have overcome?

Rosa-Maria - Injury leading up to a competition.

Question - What advice will you give for someone wanting to take up bodybuilding?

Rosa-Maria - Do some research, get hold of a good trainer with experience in Bodybuilding, stay focused and believe in yourself. Visit my site for more information.