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Widespread Concerns with the cardsharing on a Technomate

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Widespread Concerns with the cardsharing on a Technomate

Freezing or Glitchy image. Sometimes it is brought on when working the Sky Digital card in cc Cam when Global Access EMM's are usually not blocked. You must set the blockGA parameter to YES. A slow ECM time in far more than 0.400 seconds will also trigger this difficulty though we have got no real proof of what actually creates a slower response time when using a local card. Suggestions on this subject please ?

Entitlements Not Updating. As mentioned, when you use cc Cam you are required to include a minimum of one client hooked up by using MGCamd and the AU parameter = 1 in the mf.cfg config file. That will enable MGCamd to bring up to date the entitlements.

Entitlements in cc Cam not necessarily showing in any way. Your card has not been refreshed along with the entitlements date has past. If you, restore it while in the original Sky box as well as set it on channel 106 ( sky1 ). Leave it on till it appears alive, it could take upto Two days !!! Unless you have original receiver set up an MGCamd client and try it in this way. At the moment this process is not really demonstrated running.

CCCam shows the incorrect or no CAID. This is most likely the boxkey is screwy. You should definitely have created the right boxkey while using the serial number from the original Sky box.

Config File Destinations

Displayed beneath is the files you must have to use per each configuration. Pay attention to a bit of differences concerning E1 and E2 boxes. You can find more helpfiil information on rhinophore from cardsharing sky uk cccam.

CCcam 2.1.3 - Install it by way of the blue panel - Host & Client
CCcam.cfg - /etc ( E2 boxes )
CCcam.cfg - /var/etc ( E1 boxes )

NewCS 1.67RC1 & MGCamd 1.31 - Host & Client
newcs.xml - /var/tuxbox/config( All boxes )
mg.cfg - /var/keys ( All boxes )
newcamd.list - /var/keys ( All boxes )

NewCS 1.67 & CCcam 2.x.x
I strongly suggest NOT applying this configuartion at this moment as you will have a problem with the card entitlements running out and you'll have to reinstate the card in some other solution.

Installing NewCS yourself ( pcsc or usb supported binary )
newcs.mips.pcsc - /usr/bin ( E2 boxes )
newcs.ppc.pcsc /var/bin ( E1 receiversboxes ) I do think?