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"23 Jump Street" Is On Its Way

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Film fans were pleasantly surprised when the "21 Jump Street" reboot was a success a few years back. It was funny, interesting and not a waste of time. The sequel wasn't bad either. In fact, "22 Jump Street" had a lot of fans laughing non-stop. Interestingly, its closing montage featured a seires of possible sequels for "23 Jump Street," "26" Jump Street" so on and so forth. It showed stars Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum going to culinary school, the retirment home or even beauty school. This would have implied that the series was finished. However, it was not.

We are receiving reports that there will be a "23 Jump Street" and, as of now, the plot is unknown. The release date is also unknown. Rodney Rothman will write it. Rothman was behind "22 Jump Street." We also know that Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill will be back for it. We cannot confirm that the legend, Ice Cube, will be back however.

For now, "Jump Street" fans can look for Jonah Hill to appear in a drama to be released next year titled "True Story.