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After "Wolf of Wall Street," What's Next For Jonah Hill?

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Jonah Hill is making headlines for saying that he didn't like his role in "The Wolf of Wall Street." The actor joined megastar Leonardo DiCaprio for this controversial release and he seems to be interested in denouncing it. He probably feels he can denounce it because he has other films coming down the road that will blow "The Wolf of Wall Street" out of the water.

Look for Hill, a discovery of Dustin Hoffman, to appear in a new sequel to his remake of "21 Jump Street." Of course, the sequel will be called "22 Jump Street" and will also feature Channing Tatum. Hill is set for several other films down the road including a 2015 animated comedy titled "Sausage Party." SInce this is an animated film, Hill will only be doing voicework. His voice will be heard in another animated film titled "The Lego Movie." The promotional push for this one has begun and it will be released in February.

Hill is also slated to join James Franco, his co-star in "This Is The End," for "True Story." This is a drama to be released later this year.