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The Amazing Success Of "Guardians of the Galaxy" And Vin Diesel

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The movie Guardians of the Galaxy is still the top movie on the box office charts! This is an amazing accomplishment for the cast and crew behind this one. Some say it's actually better than 2012's The Avengers. Others have said that nothing will ever truly be The Avengers. That debate will rage on for generations. What we do know is that the career of Vin Diesel, who did the voice of "Groot" in Guardians of the Galaxy, has had yet another surge!

Diesel, who has been acting in film since the 1990s,  has played a key role in the success of other films such as xXx, Saving Private Ryan, Boiler Room and the Fast and Furious series. It seems that, just when we think he is finished, he comes back stronger.  

Look for Diesel to appear in new xXx and Fast and Furious films down the road. Those are, of course, highly anticipated. Perhaps what is now most highly anticipated is a possible sequel to Guardians of the Galaxy. We'll just have to wait and see if...or should we say when...this will happen.

Diesel is slated to appear in an action/adventura/fantasy titled The Last Witch Hunter alongside Elijah Wood. No release date has been set for this one yet.