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"American Pastoral" To Feature Jennifer Connelly

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In 2016, film fans will get a chance to see one of the more attractive actresses of our time. Jennifer Connelly will join Dakota Fanning and Ewan McGregor for American Pastoral. This is the tale of a man in post-war America who watches his life fall apart after his daughter's decision to join a political movement. It will feature Connelly as a character named "Dawn" and will lijkely capture the attention of a few critics who will appreciate it.

Connelly is most known for her work in Requiem for a Dream, A Beautfiul Mind and that 2003 version of Hulk. She is an attractive middle-aged actress from New York who has truly refined her career. 

Early in this career, she joined a legend named Robert DeNiro for the film Once Upon A Time In America. This flick introduced her to the mainstream audience and landed her several other roles such as a gig in the popular 1980s flick Labyrinth.

We recently saw Connelly in the drama Shelter. It showed that she is still relevant in showbusiness.