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Is Andy Kaufman Still Alive?

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In the 1970s and '80s, he was the funniest and most shocking performance artist one could ask for. His brief career was the focal point of the Jim Carrey film "Man on the Moon." He was Andy Kaufman and in 1984, he died from lung cancer even though he did not smoke. Over the years, there has been a lot of talk that he faked his death and that cancer was another one of his pranks. It would seem logical that it was. However, his alter-ego "Tony Clitfon" has been known to make appearances and even has a YouTube page. There were even reports of an Andy sighting along with pictures in recent years. Some fans even joked that he was the bass player for the 1990s band Nirvana. Of course, Nirvana's bassist Kris Novocelic had a striking resemblance to Kaufman.

Now, we find out that Kaufman will be "starring" in two new films including "Fried: The Autobiography of Louie B. Mayer" and 2015's "Bloody Bobby." Is it possible when he has been dead for 30 years? Well, we will have to see how it is pulled off. In "Fried," he will portray his alter-ego "Tony Clifton." This would be easy to pull off since any actor could be be in cognito as Clifton. In "Bloody Bobby," he will play a character named "Diabolo Sanchez." 

Though these movies are not receiving much publicity, they may be worth checking out to see if the man from the moon is still performing.