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Arnold Schwarzenegger Reveals More On The Fifth "Terminator" Flick

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Yes, the name Arnold Schwarzenegger and its association with the name "The Terminator" was something that made tons of money in the 1990s. Yes, it might not have the same potency today that it did back then. However, it is still something that film fans are keeping their eyes on. This time, they are waiting to find out what they will see in the forthcoming fifth Terminator film.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, who will "be back" for the fifth film, is revealing new details on it. When the movie is released on July 1st or 2015, he says it will be called Terminator: Genisys. This sounds like it has a certain ring to it. We'll see if it leads to the box office have a certain ring to it as well.

Jai Courtney and Emilia Clarke will join Schwarzenegger for the film. Little is known about its plot. However, we know that actor Aaron V. WIlliamson will be playing a character with the name "T-800."

Schwarzenegger will, of course, be cast as "Terminator."

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