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A "Ben Hur" Remake Is In The Works

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We are receiving reports that Jack Huston, a relatively young British actor from films such as American Hustle and Outlander, will be playing Charlton Heston's old role in a remake of the old classic Ben Hur. This is a major career boost for Huston and a sign of major things to come for him. 

The 1959 version of Ben Hur is a definative epic. It starred Heston alongside Jack Hawkins and Stephen Boyd. The film told the story of a Jewish prince betrayed into slavery. For generations it was one of those be all, end all films and Heston's performance made him a legend. Fans are now asking if Huston's performance will do the same.

Huston has been in the business since the mid-2000s when he landed a role in the film Neighborhood Watch with Terry Becker. From there, other roles came in, including some major gigs including the aforementioned role in American Hustle.

Huston is slated to appear in a number of other movies including a comedy to be released in October named Posthumous. Next year, Huston will join the cast of another comedy with an interesting name, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.

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