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Berenice Bejo Landing Decent Roles

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Variety is reporting that actress Berenice Bejo will perform in the upcoming drama The Childhood of the Leader. She replaces French actress Juliette Binoche who fans will recognize from her work in The English Patient or Dan in Real Life.

These days, we're getting over the loss of legends such as Robin Williams or Lauren Bacall. We are also wondering if the new stars who are rising will ever quite be the same. Bejo is a true talent and, though she may never be as great as Williams or Bacall, she has the "it factor" that Hollywood seems to value. On top of that, this attractive Argentinian is still in her 30s and likely has a few decades in her career left.

Bejo is set to perform in a 2015 French drama titled Eternity. Her work in the critically acclaimed film The Artist will likely land her several other roles down the road.

Bejo made her film debut in a 1993 short titled Pain perdu.

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