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Demi Moore Is Still Active In Showbiz

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Actress Demi Moore may seem like she is a has-been. However, she is still very active and still wowing film fans. In the last three to four years, she has been a part of a few movies such as "LOL" or "Very Good Girls." Now fans are going to see her in a western alongside Donald and Kiefer Sutherland titled "Forsaken." She will also join Billy Connonlly and Jessica Lange for a comedy about a person who gets an unexpected amount of money in "Wild Oats." Look for this one to hit theaters in 2015.

Moore was a star in the 1990s with roles in films such as "Ghost" or "A Few Good Men." Some say her marriage to Bruce Willis was what did her in, other say that it was a new crop of stars. Whatever the case may be, Moore stopped landing the major roles after the 1990s. However, she is still active. 

Moore made her film debut way back in 1981 when she performed in the drama "Choices."