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Elizabeth Banks, Looking Toward The Next "Hunger Games"

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With the latest entry from "The Hunger Games" franchise making megabucks at the box office, fans are looking forward to the next "Mockingjay" flick. It will star Jennifer Lawrence, Woody Harrelson and Josh Hutcherson. Elizabeth Banks will play "Effie Trinket." It will be about an all-out revolution in the capital city and will also be an all out revolution at the box office.

For Banks, it will be another success story in her already successful career. She has been a part of two "Hunger Games" movies so far. She is also known to fans for her work in "Pitch Perfect" or "The Lego Movie."

There are several roles on the horizon for this actress from Massachusetts. As we have reported on Insomniac, she will be back for a sequel to "Pitch Perfect" and will also be on for the highly anticipated sequel to "Magic Mike."

Banks made her film debut in 1998's "Surrender Dorothy."