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Even Though She Has Been Hacked, Rose Byrne Continues A Good Career

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The film "Annie" has had a lot of people talking in recent years, it will be released in December and will likely continue to capture some attention. The bad news is that it has apparently been a part of a hacking crisis in Hollywood. A group called "Guardians of Peace" or GOP has taken down Sony's computers. This has created chaos and leaked information on films such as "Annie."

This is not stopping actress Rose Byrne who plays the character "Grace" in the film. Byrne is still set to go on a roll. She will likely gain positive publicity from her performance in the film and will continue to show up in flicks such as 2015's "Spy" alongside Jason Staham and Melissa McCarthy.

Byrne will be seen in another movie down the road titled "The Something." Little is known about it, however it is said to be a comedy.

Byrne is from Australia and made her film debut in 1994's "Dallas Doll."

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