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Expect To "Scout" For Nikki Reed

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A rising young female star is going to be getting some screen time in a drama named Scout next year. Her name is Nikki Reed and she will be co-starring in the film alongside Shelley Hennig and Jane Seymour. The story is a rebellious Goth girl who travels to Texas alongside a suicidal young man to find her little sister. This sounds like some pretty deep subject matter and it could be a challenging role for Reed to pull off. However, Reed certainly has the talents to make this film a success.

You may recognize Reed for her role in the 2003 production Thirteen or 2008's Twilight. She was recently seen in a Greg Kinnear comedy/thriller titled Murder of a Cat. Reed is from los ANgeles and has been in the business for over ten years, though she is very young. She will likely have several years ahead of her in her career.

Look for Reed to appear in a 2015 family movie with Linda Hamilton titled The Sunday Horse.