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The Film Contribution Of Cream's Jack Bruce

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The music industry is still rocked over the loss of Jack Bruce, a bassist and vocalist from the famed band Cream. Film fans recognize his work from numerous sountracks, he has also bee heard on numerous TV soundtracks. His resume is one of the most impressive in the industry's history with beloved songs such as "Sunshine of Love" and "White Room." 

Bruce's music was heard in classics such as "GoodFellas," "True Lies," "The Breakfast Club" and "School of Rock." His work was also recently a part of a film which featured another now deceased performer, "Sparkle" with Whitney Houston.

Bruce even composed a score for a film. In 1997, he composed for the drama "Slab Boys." He has another film credit and yes, it is an acting role. He joined the Gibb Brothers and Peter Frampton for the 1970s classic "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band." 

Jack Bruce's music was first heard in an adult film from 1970 titled "The Coming Thing."