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Former Wrestler Dave Bautista's Rise Rivals "The Rock's"

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Former pro-wrestler turned actor Dave Bautista is quickly joining the other pro-wrestler turned actor in the category of guys who did it right. Bautista is finishing off a successful 2014, where he was a part of the megahit "Guardians of the Galaxy." He won respect with his performance in "Riddick" as well. Fans are preparing to see this giant of a man when his film "Bus 657" hits theaters soon.

Bautista has had successes that rival Dwayne Johnson and the two both got their start in the WWE. Bautista has other successes on the way too. He is signed for a few roles including a remake of the 1989 Jean-Claude Van Damme classic "Kickboxer." In it, he will play a character named "Tong Po." Believe it or not, Van Damme is signed for the movie to perform.

Bautista is also set to appear in Daniel Craig's "SPECTRE" next year.