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The Future For "The Rock"

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Variety is reporting that Dwayne Johnson has landed a role in the forthcoming film Shazam as Black Adam. Fans are excited to see if he can "Just bring it!" with this role. He most likely will. Johnson has managed to be successful in a number of roles. This begs the question of what roles he will have in the future and please do not follow up by asking if he "knows his role."

As we have reported on Insomniac, Johnson will appear in new Fast and Furious films as well as new Journey flicks. He is also slated to join Alexandra Daddario for a movie titled San Andreas. Johnson will likely have many more roles in the next ten to fifteen years before retiring well.

It must be noted that Johnson has been rumored to be set for a return to the sports entertainment business. We will have to stay tuned to see if that happens....if ya smell what we're cookin'!