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Haley Bennett's Rise To Fame

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Actress Haley Bennett is enjoying the amazing success of the monster hit The Equalizer. In the film, she joins veteran Denzel Washington to be a box office champion. This is not a bad deal at all.

Bennett's star is rising and she will be seen in other films down the road, including a highly anticipated movie about the life of wealthy eccentric Howard Hughes. She will also be playing lead in a forthcoming drama titled The White City. Look for Bennett in other gigs such as a coming Terrence Mallick project and 2015's Fathers and Daughters.

Most fans became familiar with Bennett back in 2008 when she joined Jennifer Aniston in the fan favorite Marley & Me. The film helped launch her into bigger roles.

In 2007, Bennett made her big screen debut in Hugh Grant's Music and Lyrics. She stood out in the crowd and had film-makers taking note.