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Horror Film Legend Marilyn Burns Has Died

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One of the ultimate horror movies in history was The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. It was released in 1974 and starred an actress from Erie, Pennsylvania named Marilyn Burns. Fans still love it today. Sadly, Burns has died at the age of 64. Her legacy will live on, however.

Burns started acting in major films with the role in Texas Chainsaw Massacre. From there she landed other TV and film gigs including a TV movie that also shocked a generation titled Helter Skelter. She made appearances in other Texas Chainsaw Massacre films as well, including the 3D version of the tale that was released last year.

She was recently seen alongside Carl Bailey in a film titled Sacrament. On top of that, she was filming a flick with director Josh Vargas which was said to be a biography named In a Madman's World.

Fans of Burns remember her for her work in the 1977 horror Eaten Alive as well.