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Imogen Poots To Star In "She's Funny That Way"

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Actress Jennifer Aniston still has the power to be a leading lady and draw in a crowd. In a few months, we will see her in a leading role in the film She's Funny That Way, a comedy about a married Broadway director who falls for a prostitute-turned-actress. The character named "Izzy" will be played by a British actress who fans are warming up to by the name of Imogen Poots. Poots may well end up stealing the show from Aniston!

Poots has been seen in hits such as 28 Weeks Later, Need for Speed and Filth. She has been in the business since the mid-2000s and has managed to lure in fans from all over the world. That's why she is landing other gigs and we can expect to see much more of her in the months and years ahead.

Look for Poots to appear alonside Christian Bale in Knight of Cups later this year. Next year, we're told that we can expect to see her in the film A Country Called Home.

Fans are excitied to see how a forthcoming thriller with Jessica Biel titled The Blunderer will turn out, this one has no set release date yet.