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Jena Malone To Star In "Claire"

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Most fans recognize actress Jena Malone for her role as "Johanna Mason" in "The Hunger Games" films. She is a part of this highly successful franchise and it it why many other roles have been coming in. The young actress from Nevada will even play the title character in the forthcoming film "Claire." It it, Malone is set to portray a woman who is sick of being a married man's mistress and seeks to find a spouse of her own. This film will be released next year.

Though little is known about "Claire," it will be a time for Malone to truly shine and become a major player in showbiz. She has had some great exposure in the business, dating back to a role in the film "Pride & Prejudice" in the mid-2000s. 

Rumor has it that Malone will be seen in the forthcoming "Superman v Batman" film. That rumor has not yet been confirmed. 

Malone made her film debut in 1996's "Bastard Out Of Carolina."