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Keanu Reeves, Still Celebrating Box Office Success, To Star In "Passengers"

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Actor Keanu Reeves still has a vibrant career. He is currently celebrating the box office success of his film alongside Alfie Allen titled "John Wick." He is also going to be starring in a forthcoming movie titled "Passengers," a sci-fi production with director Brian Kirk at the helm. Little is known about the plot, co-stars or release date on this one at the moment. However, we know it is slated for a 2015 release date.

"Passengers" isn't to only gig Reeves has landed. He will also co-star with Renee Zellweger for "The Whole Truth" next year. Reeves is going to be a part of a TV mini-series in 2016 called "Rain." 

Other productions that will feature this veteran include "Daughter of God" to be released in 2015 as well as a film directed by Eli Roth named "Knock Knock."

Reeves made his film debut in 1985's "One Step Away" after a couple years of working in television.