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The Latest On The Steve Jobs Movie

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We all know that Apple CEO Steve Jobs had an interesting story and it made for a great movie back when Ashton Kutcher played Jobs in 2013. There was talk that Leonardo DiCaprio was going to play Jobs in a new untitled movie. Unfortunately, this idea has died. DiCaprio has reportedly backed out. He is finishing up a project called The Revenant.

The new Steve Jobs film was to be written by Aaron Sorkin and Walter Isaacson. Its director was to be Brit Danny Boyle. Little else was known about it. We can imagine that DiCaprio may have been concerned that there was no need for a new movie about Steve Jobs since the Ashton Kutcher flick from 2013 was still fresh on our memories.

The 2013 film Jobs made a little more than its budget in the box office. It told the story of Jobs, dating back to his days as a hippie student. It then goes on to show his rise and fall as Apple CEO and then his new rise from the ashes.

Jobs was directed by Joshua Michael Stern of 2008's Swing Vote.

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