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The Latest On "Ted 2"

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There are a number of sources that are reporting that veteran Liam Neeson will be joining the cast of the much-talked-about sequel to the 2012 fan favorite Ted. The 2015 sequel has had a lot of buzz surrounding it and please pardon the use of the word "buzz" when describing a movie that features substance abuse. 

What we know about it is that Mark Wahlberg will be back for the new film and, as of now, we don't see that Mila Kunis will be a part of it. Kunis was a major star in 2012, she might not have the same star qualities today. instead, we see that Amanda Seyfried will be a part of the cast. We are also told that Morgan Freeman will join in on the fun.

The man behind the first Ted film who was also behind the famed TV series "Family Guy" Seth McFarlane will be back to work behind the scenes, as a writer and perform voicework for the flick. That always makes the audience assume that he will bring his magic along with him, we'll have to wait and see.

Look for Ted 2 to hit theaters on June 26 of next year.