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A Look Down The Road For Patricia Arquette

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Actress Patricia Arquette has come a long way since her early days back in 1993 when fans first saw her in True Romance alongside Christian Slater. She has been in other major film successes and become a relatively familair face. She is continuing to land roles and is said to be in competition for "Best Supporting Actress" at the Oscars for her role in Boyhood.

So, now we must ask what's next for her? Well, she is slated to appear in a couple of films and a TV production. Look for this actress from Chicago to pop up in The Wannabe alongside Michael Imperioli. She is also set to join Director Lisa Zen for a drama titled Woman on a Train.

Arquette has been around for more than 20 years and does not appear to be slowing down. She has recently done a lot of TV work and was seen in the film Electric Slide alongside Vinessa Shaw.

Arquetter made her film debut in the third entry from the famed 1980s franchise A Nightmare on Elm Street.