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A Look At Margot Robbie's "Tarzan"

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In 2016, film fans will get to see a new version of the old classic known as "Tarzan." The film will feature Samuel L. Jackson and John Hurt. It will likely generate some interest and make a few bucks at the box office. There is another reason that people will want to see it. It will star an attractive Australian actress who fans became familiar with in "The Wolf of Wall Street." Her name is Margot Robbie and she will play "Jane Porter" in the film.

Robbie is becoming a top star in Hollywood. She has talent, charm, good looks and a uniqueness that film-makers like. She will be in "Tarzan" and other films such as "Suite Francaise" and "The Taliban Shuffle" alongside Tina Fey.

Robbie will also join Will Smith for "Focus" next year. A number of fans are excited to see how this film turns out.

Robbie is till relatively young and have been making films since 2008's "Vigilante." Expect to see a lot more of her as the years go by.