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Maggie Q is More Than Just An Actress With A One Letter Last Name

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When fans see her name, they think it is an abbreviation. However, this Hawaiian actress with a Vietnamese mother is actually named "Q." It helps her stand out in the crowd. That may be one reason she has landed so many roles. Q scored big with her role in the 2014 hit "Divergent." She will be back for its sequel and that's not all.

Look for Q to pop up in a thriller next year with AnnaSophia Robb named "A Conspiracy on Jekyll Island." In the film, she will playing alongside other perfomers such as Minnie Driver.

Q, who ahs been a part of "Mission: Impossible" films and even the "Need for Speed" video game has been around the business for a few years now. Q made her film debut in a 2000 flick out of Hong Kong titled "Gui ming mo."