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Matt Damon and "The Martian"

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We're hearing rumors that Michael Pena will join the cast of The Martian, a film about an astronaut stranded on mars who struggles to survive. We can confirm that this interesting looking flick will include a cast-member by the name of Matt Damon. Damon will be seen in this 2015 sci-fi film alongside Jessica Chastain as a character named "Mark Watney."

Damon is now a veteran in the film business and is rumored for other interesting roles such as a Bryan Cranston mystery titled The Great Wall as well as a new Jason Bourne film.. Look for him to appear in Interstella alongside Matthew McConaughey.

Believe it or not, Damon has been in the film business for over a quarter century. He made his debut in the popular 1988 flick Mystic Pizza.

Recently, we saw this handsome actor in the popular World War II flick The Monuments Men.