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More Of Us Will Meet Melissa Benoist In "Whiplash"

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The film Whiplash is hitting theaters soon and it will be capturing some attention. Already, fans are expressing interest in seeing it. It will be a drama about a young drummer who is trying to make it. The music alone will make it worth checking out. However, there is more to it. An actress will be gaining new exposure and it will likely help her launch her career. Her name is Melissa Benoist and she will be playing a character named "Nicole." She joins a cast that includes Miles Teller and J.K. Simmons.

Benoist is most known for her TV work in the popular series "Glee." However, she has crossed over to the film world before as well. She appeared in the Mariah Carey drama Tennessee back in 2008.

Benoist is set to appear in several films down the road including a drama titled Billy Boy and an Al Pacino flick named Danny Collins. Look for Benoist to show up in other films such as Band of Robbers and The Longest Ride.