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Prepare To See Eva Longoria In "Frontera"

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Actress Eva Longoria is about to get some exposure on the big screen. In just a few weeks, fans will see this Texas beauty as a part of the cast for a western about a lawman whose wife is killed by a Mexican national titled Frontera. The film will also feature veteran Ed Harris. It is not receiving a lot of publicity, but could have artistic integrity that others might be lacking.

Longoria is an attractive actress whose career began in television. As the 200s wore on, she landed roles in films such as Christian Bale's Harsh Times or a 2006 Michael Douglas flick titled The Sentinel.

This decade has seen Longoria appear in a 2011 Christian Slater flick titled Without Men as well as Andy Garcia's A Dark Truth.

Look for Longoria in a film later this year named Any Day starring Sean Bean. She will also team up with Isla Fisher for a horror flick named Visions.

Insomniacmania has learned that Longoria is filming a flick titled Refugio.