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Rachel Melvin Part Of A "Dumb and Dumber" Promotional Push

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Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels are receiving publicity for their new promotional film posters advertising Dumb and Dumber To which will be released in November. The comical posters are parodies of Scarlett Johansson's film Lucy. Check out this link to see them and have the laughs:

Melvin, who is still very young, has won fans over for her work on the soap opera "Days of our Lives." She will continue to win fans over as she is scoring several film roles and is apparently very popular with casting agents. This attractive woman from Illinois will not only be a part of Dumb and Dumber To but also a forthcoming Ben Bolea comedy titled Mr. Intangibles.

Look for more Melvin on the big screen as she is signed to appear in a drama titled Madtown and is rumored to be on board for a horror flick titled All I Need.

Melvin made her film debut in 2005's Boo alongside Trish Coren.