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The Re-Release Of "Forrest Gump" Reminds Us Of Sally Field

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20 years ago, the classic film Forrest Gump was released. It is now being re-released and a new generation will see its many masterful performances. Perhaps the best performance of them all was turned in by the woman who played Forrest's mother, Sally Field. Field, who was a veteran at that point, is still active and still considered to be a skillful performer. In fact, she was picked for the role because the film-makers behind Forrest Gump realized that the first portion of the film featured mainly small children. If the movie was to have artisitic credibility, a mature and skillful actress would have needed to be at the helm for the first part of it. Therefore, Field was hired.

Field is still taking roles and her fans will tell you that some of her best performances have been in recent years. In fact, he work in Amazing Spider-Man films or Lincoln has won over a whole new generation of fans.

Look for Field to appear in Hello, My Name Is Doris. This film does not yet have a release date, however it will be a drama and will also star Natasha Lyonne.

Believe it or not, Field made her film debut in 1962's Moon Pilot, a Disney production.