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"Solace" To Showcase Abbie Cornish

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In the RoboCop re-boot earlier this year, she stunned audiences with her beauty in her performance as the wife of the man who became "RoboCop." Fans who may well have been familiar with her already due to her work in Sucker Punch or Limitless, were impressed with her work. For the record, the RoboCop reboot was not as bad as some critics were expecting it to be and Cornish's performance is one of the reasons why. 

Cornish will be seen again alongside Colin Farrell and American actress Angela Kerecz in a film about a psychic working with the FBI in order to hunt down a serial killer. The three stars will also be joined by legend Anthony Hopkins. The film will be titled Solace and is set to be released in the later part of this year.

Cornish is an Australian actress who made her film debut in a 2000 flick titled The Monkey's Mask. This attractive actress then went on to perform in a 2003 Australian comedy titled Horseplay.

Cornish was recently a part of a short titled The Merge With Abbie Cornish.