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Terry Crews Career To Continue Cruising

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Currently, The Expendables 3 is the box office phenomenon. It is bringing a lot of careers back to life. One career that is getting a nice jolt out of it is that of a familair face....or should we say body? Terry Crews is a former American football star whose massive physique landed him several film roles including a gig in The Expendables 3 as "Caesar."

Crews is known for his skill with comedic work, often showing off his body. Most fans became familiar with him in the 2000s when he was a aprt of films such as Norbit, The Longest Yard or White Chicks. Since then, he has been seen in Bridesmaides or Scary Movie 5. He was also a part of the second Expendables flick.

Crews is set to appear in another Sylvester Stallone flick titled Reach Me later this year. It is said to be a comedy/drama. Fans are eager to see if it makes them laugh or cry. Another flick that will feature this massive man from Michigan is Luis Guzman comedy titled Aztec Warrior.

Crews made his film debut in the 2000 Arnold Schwarzenegger flick The 6th Day.