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Vanessa Kirby To Show Her "Genius"

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Actress Vanessa Kirby will appear alongside veteran Nicole Kidman in the film "Genius." It is the story of editor Max Perkins during his time with Scribner as a book editor. Perkins was the editor of Ernest Hemingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald and Thomas Wolfe. For Kirby, the role will be about an interesting figure and will give her career further exposure. The film is slated for a release in 2015 and will likely pick up some decent reviews.

Dominic West will also join the production as Ernest Hemingway. Guy Pearce will play F. Scott Fitzgerald and Jude Law will play Tomas Wolfe. Fans of literature will be thrilled to see these performances. They will also be thrilled to know that Perkins himself will be played by Colin Firth.

Kirby is known for her role in the 2013 Rachel McAdams film "About Time." She also worked with Shia LeBeouf in the fan favorite "Charlie Countryman."

Look for Kirby to appear in a number of films including a 2015 crime/drama "Bone in the Throat" as well as Robin Wright's "Everest."