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What's Next For Denzel Washington?

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He is now a veteran actor whose good looks and intesnity have made him one of the best leading men in history. His performances in classics such as Flight, Glory, Training Day and Inside Man have shown that he is one of the most skilled actors of our time. His name is Denzel Washington and, though he is inching toward retirement age, he is still popping up in films such as 2 Guns.

Denzel Washington is not set for too much after this year and that's bad news. However, we will be seeing him in The Equalizer soon. This flick, which is about to hit theaters, is an action/crime/thriller about a man who tries to retire but events bring him back into fighting criminals. 

In the film, Washington will be joined by Martin Csokas and Chloe Grace Moretz.

Washington made his film debut in a 1981 comedy titled Carbon Copy after doing some TV work. The film was not a major success, but it helped him land other roles.