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What's Up Next For Miles Teller Now That He's Getting The Pat On The Back From EW?

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Actor Miles Teller has received a nice honor, the respected film publication "Entertainment Weekly" has said his film "Whiplash" was the best of 2014. Here is the article:

Some fans might find it comical that the highly publicized flick "Nymphomaniac" was considered to be the worst. Teller can brag that he did not have that accomplishment! He can brag of a resume that includes flicks such as "The Spectacular Now," "21 & Over," "Divergent" and "The Spectacular Now."

Teller is a young actor from Pennsylvania who has only been in the business for a few years but is landing more roles than the average actor. Look for him to pop up in Anna Kendrick's "Get a Job" or Emma Watson's "La La Land."

Perhaps the most important news for Teller is that he will be on-board for a forthcoming sequel to "The Fantastic Four 2" in 2017.