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What's Next For Mireille Enos?

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Guardians of the Galaxy and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are still box office winners. However, another film has done fairly well. It is called If I Stay and it stars Chloe Grace Moretz, Jamie Blackley as well as an actress named Mirielle Enos. It is a drama about life for a woman after she falls into a coma. The film has manaed to make decent money at the box office and will be nice addition to the resume of Enos.

Enos is in her late 30s and from Texas. Her career has lead her into roles with Brad Pitt in World War Z as well as a gig in Gangster Squad a little while back. This begs the question of whether we will see Enos in forthcoming films? Yes, we will and we know what one of them is. In 2015, Enos will join Zachary Quinto for You Were Never Here. This is a thriller where little is kinown about the plot. We know that it will be directed by Camille Thoman.

There will be other film roles down the road for Enos as well. Keep checking in with Insomniacmani to hear more about them.

Enos made her film debut after years of working in television as part of the 2001 flick Someone Like You...