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What's Next For Sandra Bullock?

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Now that the afterglow of the success of Gravity has died down, Sandra Bullock is ready for the next big challenge. According to reports, Warner Bros. has given her the challenge. It will be a movie titled Our Brand In Crisis. It is said to be a dramedy based on a 2005 documentary of the same name. David Gordon Green will direct.

Some fans may have thought that Sandra Bullock's career would have evaporated by now. However, it is still going strong. This is a testament to the old Hollywood saying, "Ya can't hide talent." No matter how many critics have tried to shove her off the map, Bullock has been able to solidify her position as a true icon.

In 1994, Bullock became a hosuehold name with her role in the Keanu Reeves flick Speed. Other roles came her way including those that fans will never forget such as 28 Days, Miss Congeniality and eventually Crash.

Those who follow Bullock's career will say that her flick with George Clooney, Gravity, is her best work.

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