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Will Megan Fox Ride The "Ninja Turtle" Wave Of Success?

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The new version of the old classic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is a box office hit. It is catapulting its star Megan Fox to the realm of superstardom. The bad news for this 20-something from the U.S. is that she doesn't have any more roles lined up. In fact, she hadn't had a gig prior to "TNMT" since 2012 when she joined Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann for This is 40. Many observers are wondering if this attractive actress will land any more roles in the coming months? We can guess that time will tell.

Fox began her film career in a 2001 straight to video release with the then-popular Olsen Twins in Holiday in the Sun. The bigger roles eventually came in television. Finally, Fox landed a good gig in the 2007 monster-hit Transformers.

Fox portrayed a character named "April O'Neil" in the new "Ninja Turles" flick. She joined Canadian actor Will Arnett and director Jonathan Liebsman. 

Fox was also a part of the cast for a 2009 comedy horror titled Jennifer's Body.