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Alien Prison being planned up by Director Roland Emmerich

Reuters reports that Director Roland Emmerich ("Independence Day") is talking about producing and directing a Sony movie with writer Andrew Marlowe, responsible for "Air Force One". According to reliable sources the movie is to revolve around "six human abductee"s that have little in common, but are all studied and tortured by an alien race in another solar system. Years after their experiences they plan an escape that will unveil an invasion of Earth. [Scoop from]

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Chrome has been postponed due to September 11th issues!

The date March 18th will see the start of the live action sc-fi thriller "Crome." Due to the September incidents last year the project became delayed, director  Hines believes that the delay has helped the project "When the tragedy of September 11th occurred, we had little time to rebound. I felt from the beginning that we were going into Chrome spread too thin. And I didn´t want to do a picture like that. So twice we extended the pre-production time by several weeks until I was satisfied that we were doing this picture right".

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The Secret Window is on the horizon

Source of info from The Hollywood Reporter states that David Koepp will adapt the Stephen King novella into a feature for Sony?

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About a boy site is now online!

Activated to see now the official site for the Hugh Grant comedy about a very single guy who loves sleeping with single moms is now up and running. There are many stills up at the site.[Scoop from]

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Changing lanes...official site now online

Activated the official site has now opened up for Paramount"s Ben Affleck thriller "Changing Lanes" official site , there are some good pictures in its gallery worth checking out. [Scoop from]

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Solaris sci-fi project!

Actor Jeremy Davies has joined the cast list for the sci-fi flick according to Variety

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Denise Richards in Undercover Brother

A new comedy with Eddie Griffin and Denise Richards will be coming up this Summer and there are stills at Yahoo. Apparently it is based on an animation? [Scoop from]

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Dead or Alive to turn to the big screens!

Computer game influenced movie has now been made official about its release at TeamXBox

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Ridley Scott spoke on Alien 5

Sources have unraveled that Ridley Scott slipped out a some information on the latest issue of Total Film UK - "Well, James Cameron is involved in it now." Is this film going to start production soon?[Scoop from]

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Rob Schneider to be in The Hot Chick!

"Scary Movie""s Anna Faris looks like she has made into the cast list as the major actress in the Rob Schneider comedy according to The Eastside Journal Online.


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