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Sequel...Hercules 2

A movie sequel to the 1997 animated sequel is apparently on the way and the storyline has just been revealed. According to reliable sources  "Hercules is now living in Athens with Megara and their daughter, Hebe. However when an old friend named Helen is captured by the evil Paris of Troy, Hercules joins the united Greek army as they head out to war.

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E.T. The Re-release!

There is a poster up for the re-release at IGN Filmforce

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Updates on Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back!

Kevins" next film, according to resources at "Cinema Confidential" which is about parenting will be called "Jersey Girl."

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Update on Alien 5

An Update on the fifth sci-fi thriller has come from Ellen Ripley herself. According to Sigourney Weaver "I"m meeting with Ridley Scott in two weeks." She said Fox had approached her about a fifth movie and she wasn"t into it. However with "Resurrection" being the cliffhanger, she"s been curious as to where they could go with it. Recently she called Scott and discussed the possibility of doing a fifth in which they go to the Aliens" home planet.

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Lopez in Tick Tock

Sony has held the upcoming thriller starring "Jennifer Lopez" in which a man, suffering from Amnesia just so happens to also be a prime suspect in series of terrorist actions. The action packed movie was set to start filming in December. "New York Daily News" columnist Mitchell Fink reported that Sony now plans to start the production in June. He added  "The question is: June of which year?" [Scoop from]

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Lord of the Rings 1 commercial!

A new 30 second commercial is now out and it advertises the first film in the trilogy. There are now screenshots up at "" Its also available at "AICN."

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Updates on Planet of the Apes 2!

Planet of the Apes 2: Has been confirmed by Tim Burton to "Reuters" that he is not interested in making a sequel. "The idea of doing a sequel -- I"d rather jump out of the window, I swear to God...They give you a script, and you do a budget based on that, and say "This movie would cost $300 million to make", and then they treat you like a crazy, overspending, crazy-person. It"s like, "Well, you gave me the script". ". [Scoop from]

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Information on Perl Harbor

"Movie records" has some news and info on the DVD release of the film. It seems its one of those straight to DVD type movies? Apparently there is mention of a gift set and Directors cut version?

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Aaliyah...her last work in Matrix 2

"Aaliyah" had apparently shot for three days on "The Matrix 2 and 3." According to sources her scenes were very brief and her dialogue very short. Reports state that most of her work was to be shot in Australia by the start of October. The work she had done was in "Alameda," although they are small enough to reshoot. A small "Alameda" set may have to be built and shot with another actress. [Scoop from]

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AICN has an article for Lord of the Rings 1

A cool article has hit the net at "The One ring" however "AICN" has managed to get major news. The first movie is said to be finished with a PG-13 rating at 2 hours and 45 minutes.


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