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Paul Verhoeven up for Starship Troopers 2!

Paul Verhoeven (Director) will be taking on the sequel to the smash hit film from 1997. Although nothing is yet confirmed idea"s mentioned by Paul conclude that there are always more planets to be explored, more rounds to be fired, and more and bigger and smarter bugs. [Scoop from Corona and]

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Gemini man...the new sci-fi cgi thriller!

The new CGI thriller "Gemini Man" may have an appearance with "Harrison Ford" The script states that in the near future "(Alex) "Ford" is a government assassin. He is the best and has been for 20 years. However he starts to reflect on what he has done. He soon realizes he has been targeted for assassination, by a clone of himself. How can you outsmart someone that knows where you will be and where you will go and has greater strength than you?

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Stuart Little 2 started filming

Filming of "Stuart little 2" has started in New York City Park and Madison avenue. Most of the footage has been on 79th  and 5th avenue. Although when filmiln started outside reports indicated "10-15 pigeon coops, a red tailed hawk and a wind machine."  [Scoop from]

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Tomb Raider trailer now out!

Angelina Jolie is redecorating her mansion adding a room covered with Velcro. The interior includes a life-size plastic horse and vibrating beds. She told "The Sun" "It will be for those moments in the night when you want to kill each other because you are so in love."

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Ask the Dust with Eva Mendes

Variety reports that Colin Farrell and Eva Mendes will star in Ask the Dust, which was written in 1939. The John Fante novel follows a pair of immigrants whose chase of the American dream in 1930s L.A. leads them to each other. Farrel will portray Arturo Bandini, a first generation Italian hoping to land a writing career and a blue-eyed blonde on his arm. Mendes plays Camilla, a fiery Mexican beauty who hopes to rise above her station by marrying an American.

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Soundtrack to A.I. is soon to be released

The sound track to "A.I" will be on release on June 19th At the moment there are screen shots available at the Dreamworks fansite.

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Rush Hour 2

Scott in from New York Times mentions that "the movie looks and feels like one of the assembly-line Hong Kong martial-arts pictures of old," he writes. "It"s not particularly valuable, but it"s not counterfeit either." Many critics state that the end outtakes are funnier than any you see in the movie itself? Is that really a good sign? [Scoop from]

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Soul Calibur to be brought to the big screen!


The game "Soul Calibur" for the playstation is said to be coming out as a movie. The $50 million budget film is planning for release in 2002. Producers are keen to sign "Jackie Chan" up for the new action flick. [Scoop from]

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Matrix 2 stills!

Article galore click on the production stills link to see the excellent array of new pictures that are in TIME Magazine.

Various Chinese extras have been hired for a single day shoot mid-April, all will be dressed in old style traditional robes. [Scoop from]

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Milla Jovovich to be in Resident Evil!


"Zelluloid" had a 20 minute report from "Paul Anderson" and there is one shot descirbed as "A boy/soldier climbing on the celing over a room filled with zombies which try to grab his feet."


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