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The Karate kid 2

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Ah now this is one of the netter sequels I've seen to a movie. Then again the original was so low budget and unexpected that coming up with a topper to this wouldn't be as difficult as say The Godfather. Still, as a sequel this does its job very well, and is very careful not tread exactly the same ground as the original. The film beings with left over footage that was going to be used for the end of Part 1, however as the opening to Part 2 it is far more appropriate and ties the 2 films together nicely, as well as hinting at the set up for the very cheesy part 3. After winning the tournament Daniel and Miyagi are making their way back to their cars when they spot Kreese punishing his students for failing to win, at this point Miyagi decides to give Kresse a taste of his own medicine in a very painful knuckle bleeding scene. Kreese gets his comeuppance and although you never see him again in the movie, this was a very satisfying scene. Cut to a few months later, and you soon discover that Daniels girlfriend has decided to split up with him (Always knew she was bad girlfriend material) and Mr Miyagi receives a letter from his home country of Okinawa, it contains news about his father dying. Soon Mr Miyagi gets ready to leave, and without hesitation Daniel joins him o the trip and so the plot of part 2 begins. After being greeted at the airport by a friend of the family, Miyagi discovers his old best fired who he had a feud with many years ago now hates him and after his father dies wishes to challenge him to a fight to the death, along with his own nephew who wishes to also challenge Daniel. Soon Daniel and Miyagi are facing the fight of their lives, as well as new romance, and both must train not to win a tournament but to save their own lives!


Ok so it's not the most high concept plot in the world, but the change of location, and the increased deadliness of karate, and the fights that occur has upped the stakes on them. The two leads again turn in a fine performance with the chemistry between them now perfect, particularly when Miyagis father dies and Daniel has to comfort him. The acting of the tow main villain Sato and his nephew are also very well done, and are very menacing. Although maybe not as bad ass as Kreese, the two of them were far deadlier in their aim to defeat their enemy for arguments in life rather than plastic trophies. The female actors however leave a lot to be desired, once again Daniels love interest is not acted terribly well and her dreams of being a dancer are a little unrealistically portrayed shall we say. However that's not to say the film suffers too much, this is still a very enjoyable flick. Particular standout scenes include many of the fights, the karate chop ice block scene, and the penultimate showdown, which is far bloodier than the last film. The soundtrack of the movie is also very 80's and the love song 'Glory of Love' has aged very well being a classic 80's love ballad. It's obvious that more money was thrown at this entry in the series after the success of the last film and this should maybe have been where they called it a day. Part 2 was a very satisfying karate flick that lets us revisit characters we liked in new even more dangerous circumstances with a bigger budget. 'Part 3 however is another story'

"Live or die man?"