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The Karate Kid 3

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Oh boy, now don't get me wrong I always liked Martin Koves role as Kreese in Parts 1, and albeit briefly, Part 2. Sure I also would love to have seen one more movie where he comes back for revenge after it had been so beautifully set up at the beginning of Part 2. But man oh man; this is where the series really fell down. Of course the series hadn't really been intelligent to start off with but it was at least always original and entertaining with most of its script and ideas. Part 3 sadly is a very big rehash of the first film that not only wastes its opportunities, but also wastes Kreese as a bad guy by throwing Kreeses old best friend from Vietnam, Terry Silver. And boy is he one of the cheesiest villains I've ever seen! Don't get me wrong this movie is very entertaining to watch with friends and literally take the piss out of, but as a movie to respect like the first 2 it fails consistently.


The plot goes that Daniel and Miyagi have returned home to America, just as when Kreese is helped in planning revenge by his millionaire fired Terry. As Kreese goes on a distressing holiday Terry sets about finding a worthy adversary to Daniel in the tournament whom he can train to break the kid as it were. He finds Karate's bad boy Mike Barnes, who is about as threatening as 12 year old who swears a lot! After sending Mike out to make Daniel compete I the tournament, he eventually sings up despite Miyagis wishes, and the two fall out, leading to Daniel learning things 'he doesn't want to do' from bad guy trainer Terry Silver. Soon Daniel finds out Terrys real motives, and discovers Kreeese is alive and well and working with him and that Mike Barnes has been working with them all along. Now Daniel must train for the fight of his life.


There is also two subplots that go nowhere whatsoever including Daniel and Miyagi opening their own bonsai store (Sorry but how many 18 years old, like Daniel, have their own business, come on!), and Daniel going out with a pottery girl across the street, who leaves to be with her ex boyfriend anyway! Having said that the films not all bad, the few scenes with Kreese are genuine highlights and he has some great lines. Terry Silver is about as camp an 80's villain as you can get and I swear he must have borrowed Douglas hair gel from Wall Street, it was never out of place. Mike Barnes is really, really shit, and his most powerful move seems to be blasting about ten swear words a minute! The girlfriend in this one is more convincing than the last movie but totally unnecessary as they don't even go out with each other in the end! Also Daniel Larusso look a little too old to be competing in the All Valley under 18 tournament (We're supposed to believe this set a year after the first one!) and the only real actor who doesn't look too old is Miyagi but he was old to begin with anyway!


Unfortunately the movies fights are neither as exhilarating as the first one, or as deadly and life threatening as the second films, instead they are merely camp repeats of before especially when Miyagi kicks paint on Silvers head, and he gets up and laughs, realistic I think not! The soundtrack for this film is also a let down, I wouldn't say anything was as memorable as the first tow and even the closing song (Usually one of the series best numbers) is a terrible let down. All in all this was a movie that had its moments and pleased fans of this series, but an excellent swansong to the series it was not, instead it merely gave us an average storyline to catch up with old characters and introduced very annoying new ones who's only value was in movie cheese piss take quality. A very sad end to a once admirable series of throwaway teenage karate films that should have had a lot more effort especially as the entire original team from the other tow movies worked on it. Disappointing, and only worth watching for a piss take and genuine fans.


"First he suffers'then he suffers some more!"