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Reservoir Dogs

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Revolving on an escape from a chaotic crime scene from the criminals that committed it, we try to unravel what went wrong and whom is to blame for the disorder?


The cops were onto them as if they knew something already was going on? Has someone infiltrated their crime tribe? Is one of them a cop? If so who? Mr Pink escaped on his own unharmed? Could it be Mr Orange? However he took a bullet in the chest to steal a getaway car killing the driver in the process?


However Mr Blonde also looks untouched and he was not the first to run away, instead he kept the chaos flowing as he unloaded clips into infiltrating police officers. Will he ever be able to explain how come he managed to get out of it all, and in the process capture an officer, and still find time to get lunch?


Mr Orange and Mr White are the first ones to meet at the rendezvous point. Whilst trying to stop the bleeding from Mr Orange's wound we get the first glimpse of what took place, and what may have happened.  Mr Blonde makes an entrance by  appearing from nowhere leaning on some nearby crates drinking a coke-cola, he looks very calm for the situation they all face? Why?  What does he plan to do with the officer in the boot of his interrogation? What possible information would he have?


A twist look on gangsters and criminals just like in Pulp fictions takes part as the intro scene starts off with mob eating breakfast in a dinner, hours before the robbery. Tarantino emphasizes how the criminals themselves act as we do whilst sitting down doing normal day things, from eating breakfast to eating hamburgers. These kind of movies make a hit due to their psychological values, they remind me just like "Ben Elton's" book "Popcorn" how is it that "media influences society to commit crime, or how society commits crime and media merely emphasizes it?"


From viewing the DVD you learn more about how the talented Tarantino throws the audience off during the interrogation scene;  I hate to throw in so many spoilers so all that I will say is that the ending of this movie is very dramatic and for some unexpected, all in all its a worthy watch and I highly recommended it to you late night watchers.

Are you going to bark all day little doggie or are you going to bite?